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The Power of Your Heart’s Wisdom

with Susan Castle 

What you’ll learn from
this E
xpert talk:

  • How to let go of the mind and feel your Heart’s wisdom
  • Why Heart/Mind alignment is the KEY to our health
  • How your greatest pain can be your greatest gift

The Healing Power of Music

with Mark Romero 

What you’ll learn from
this E
xpert talk:

  • Learn how former NASA scientist discovered Mark’s music cancelled negative energy
  • Learn how music is a “carrier wave of consciousness”
  • Experience Mark’s healing music LIVE  

Radiant Relationships

with Terri Britt

What you’ll learn from
this E
xpert talk:

  • Learn how Terri “found her voice” and let go of self judgement
  • How your own pain can lead you to re-discover Love
  • How your partner can help heal your pain

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Paul Bauer

Founder and president of dreams alive

His work has inspired people in over 100 countries. His background includes over 20 years in Mind and Body Healing, Emotional Clearing, Subconscious Alignment, Higher Self Re-Connection, Manifesting From The Heart, cutting edge Essential Oil research, and The Field of the Heart/Mind.

He’s the creator of Clear-Mind (the first meditation based on Heartwaves), The Secrets of Manifesting and Ener-Chi – A breakthough program on Essential Oils.



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