Imagine having all the energy and
vitality you need to create what
you want most in life

What if you knew the energy and vitality you want most is just one step away…?

In other words, the kind of energy that inspires and propels you to naturally create your goals and dreams.

You see, its not just physical energy that I’m referring to.  The energy we need most comes from a deeper level. And there are specific ways that you can learn to access these deeper levels.

The real secret is to learn how to harness the natural healing force of your body’s rhythms to increase your energy, vitality and longevity.

What if you could tap into the combined brilliance of the top experts in the fields of Energy Medicine, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Natural Healing, Nutrition, Chi Gong, Meditation and more…?

I interviewed some of these experts and what you’ll learn from them will transform literally every part of your life. 

The Radiant Energy Package

Some of Our Most Popular Experts

1. Dr. Roger Jahnke –  The Healing Power of Chi 

Doctor or Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Chi Gong Master shares The Healing Powers of Chi Gong.

+ How to Discover your “Inner Fountain of Youth”
+ How to clear your mind & increase your Chi
+ The healing powers of the 3 Treasures


Dr. Roger Jahnke

2. Carol Look – EFT Master – Tapping For Energy

Discover how Tapping clears trapped emotions
How to stop “energy leaks” with ease
How to make peace with old disempowering memories 

3. Dr. Kim D’Eramo – Healing The Mind/Body

+ What really creates health?
+ How to become your own medicine
How your thoughts affect your hormones and your health

4. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson – The Power of Sound Healing

His amazing breakthroughs in healing mind/body stress
Why sound healing is the “new energy medicine”
Why most audio meditations don’t work

5. Dr. Alberto Villoldo -Energy Secrets of The Shamans

+  Learn how to “turn on” your youth genes
+  How to transcend the stressors of everyday life
+  Specific ways of optimizing your health and vitality

6. Greg Hitter – Healing Soul Fragments

How to experience your inner radiance
Discover how to heal “Soul fragments”
The real purpose of pain

7. Paul Bauer – The Real Source of Your Energy

How to calm the mind and be in the Now
Discover how to clear energy blocks with ease
The Secrets of the Heartwave

Plus, you still get the other 14 other amazing Expert talks to access whenever you need them.

Each Expert will help you:

  • Discover simple ways to clear stuck energy and trapped emotions
  • Activate your inner awareness and free yourself of old worries and anxieties
  • Learn how to “turn on” your inner healer and supercharge your immune system
  • Experience your true Essence and feel your own self Love
  • Transform any challenge or obstacle into breakthroughs (in your career, love life, family, finances and health)

Includes over $283 In Purchase Bonuses

Owning the talks also gives you access to eCourses, guides, eBooks and other advice from the expert speakers, at no additional charge!

+ Advanced Healing Powers of Chi By Dr.Roger Jahnke (Introduction to Qigong) – (worth $49)
+ The Science of The Heart By Rollin McCraty of Heartmath- (worth $49)
+ Peace of Mind Guided Imagery by Susan Castle (worth $29)
+ Clearing Fear with Tapping by Carol Look  – (worth $49)
+ The 10 Minute Mind Sleep Meditation by Monique Rhodes – (worth $29)
+ The Mind/Body Toolkit by Dr. Kim D’Eramo (worth $49)
+ Optimizing Health and Stress with HRV Course By Jason Moore – (worth $49)

You Have 3 Levels To Choose From


I. Silver Level
You’ll receive Lifetime access to all speakers audios, videos and transcripts. Plus 5 Special Bonuses from above

II. Gold Level  – All the above PLUS  Paul’s breakthrough “Core Energy Process” (worth $97).

The Core Energy Process helps you:

+ Clear old emotions and beliefs that hold you back
+ How to test if your energy is clear (and a simple and effective method to clear energy
blocks in just minutes
+ The power of Present Moment Awareness and how to access this amazing state of being at will
+ Learn the powerful Zero Point Process which neutralizes stress and negative emotions in less than 5 minutes (when you learn this amazing process, you will experience breakthroughs in consciousness and awareness that will amaze you!)
+ How to use Essential Oils to increase your energy, zap stress, access higher states of creativity (and much more)

III. Platinum Level

All the Above PLUS 2 personal Energy Optimization Sessions with Paul Bauer

Here’s what you’ll get with the Platinum Level:

2 One Hour Personal Energy Optimization Sessions that help you:
+ Clear old emotions and beliefs that hold you back
+ Optimize your diet and nutrition plan (with specific recommendations on supplements, energy drinks, types of food, etc.)
+ Powerful energy clearing (and boosting) techniques I share only with my personal clients
+ New ways I’ve found to meditate and reach peak states with ease (these methods will simply amaze you)

Join us and tap into the power of some of the greatest healers, doctors, and visionaries on the planet. Each level of the Radiant Energy Package will inspire you and help you transform your life and your well being.

Blessings to You,

Paul Bauer



Paul Bauer

Founder and president of dreams alive

His work has inspired people in over 100 countries. His background includes over 20 years in Mind and Body Healing, Emotional Clearing, Subconscious Alignment, Higher Self Re-Connection, Manifesting From The Heart, cutting edge Essential Oil research, and The Field of the Heart/Mind.

He’s the creator of Clear-Mind (the first meditation based on Heartwaves), The Secrets of Manifesting and Ener-Chi – A breakthough program on Essential Oils.



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