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The Healing Power of Chi Is Within You

by Dr. Roger Jahnke

This 40-page EBook gives you insights on how to tap into the most powerful medicine ever created. and it’s within you to create energy and vitality in all areas of your life. Written by Dr. Roger Jahnke – who studied with the healing masters of China for over 30 years.

Dr. Jahnke is a trained acupuncturist and Tai Chi Master. He can help you restore and optimize your Chi (energy) based on the 5000 year tradition of Chinese Medicine.


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Your Host,

Your Host,

Paul Bauer

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Paul Bauer is the Founder and President of DreamsAlive. His work has inspired people in over 100 countries. His background includes over 20 years in Mind and Body Healing, Emotional Clearing, Subconscious Alignment, Higher Self Re-Connection, Manifesting From The Heart, cutting edge Essential Oil research, and The Field of the Heart/Mind.

He’s the creator of Clear-Mind (the first meditation based on Heartwaves), The Secrets of Manifesting and Ener-Chi – A breakthough program on Essential Oils.

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